Yep, Pop Songs Are Louder and More Uniform, duh

Your mother was right: Pop music has become louder and less original over the years. At least, this is the conclusion of a computer analysis of nearly half-a-million songs recorded between 1955 and 2010 and reported in Nature Scientific Reports Thursday. “We have been able to show how the global loudness level of music recordings has consistently increased over the years,” study author Joan Serra of the Spanish National Research Council said in an email exchange. Similarly, the team found the diversity of chords and melodies has “consistently diminished in the last 50 years”. “This yields a clear recipe for contemporising old songs: using more common chord changes, changing the song’s instrumentation, and record it louder,”

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Songwriting Trick: Make your 2nd verse your 1st – see how that works

Sometimes we don’t really “get” our song’s story until the second verse.

“…you have to have more than one song…you have to raise the bar every song one step further than you were before…and keep writing….”…

Billy Mann is probably one of the best, most reality based, execs out there.