Publishing Deal Terminology from

  • Term – Length of time in years contract runs
  • Split – pub (50%), co-pub (25%) or admin(10%-20%)
  • Advance amount
  • non recourse (meaning that they can’t take it back in the event that you make no money)
  • Territory – World, or US/NorthAmerica Approval rights – do you have approval rights over usage

What does a first deal generally look like for an up-and-comer?

  • Term: 1 year + 3 option years with – MDRC(Minimum Delivery/Release Commitment)
  • Split: pub (50%) or co-pub (25%)Advance amount: 30-50K
  • Territory: World
  • Approval rights : none til recouped

General Advice:
– Have finished masters, not something that needs a mix
– Have instrumental versions of songs ready, lyric sheets and clean versions of songs
– Make creative execs look good to their superiors and they will help you.

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