Hot Projects,Yea, Babee!!: Original “Girls Behind the Bar” Song “Honor the Girls” Project — C’mon and Help Y’all!!

OK, so I am going to market and try to sell the original song “Girls Behind the Bar.” (GBTB)  The song contains a strong marketing concept so I intend to start with a project to create community and  “happening” around the song, story and its ideas.  See the idea brief below.  Here is a link to the song and lyrics.

If you want to help here’s how you can:

  • Need a street team.  There is going to be audio and video production so could use help on those items.
  • Do you know any kool Girls Behind the Bar?  This project wants to celebrate those girls/woman who make our lives a bit easier.  This is NOT a T&A/”Hooters” thang but, heck, they are awful cute.  Who should we include, that you see or know?
  • You know of any potential corporate/venue sponsors?  This is a natural for the booze companies

Doing Good While Doing Well – A priority for the project is to try to generate enough $$$ so we can give grants to bargirls to help pay for or pay off student loans.  That may be a bit pie-in-the-sky but I’m hopin’ it can happen.  [Damn!!!…. Good song title!!]

THIS PROJECT NEEDS YOU SUPPOT AND IDEAS! DUDE!! Join our group and let us know what helps the mission!

“Girls Behind the Bar”  – Honor the Girls Project

Here’s the Song

“Girls Behind the Bar [GBTB] Original Lyrics,  Style:  Country rock – very simple melody and chords. Copyrighted

Verse 1 – So the boss was in a mood today and he told me to leave early
I ain’t gonna get the hours I need and that always makes me surly
So I take my truck to the local joint, where the girls yell “hey there honey!”
High five each girl behind the bar, end up spending all my money

Chorus – So c’mon down, and make ’em proud, they’re our honky-tonk superstars
and raise your glass and yell real loud for the girls behind the bar

Verse 2 – So call me sexist but call me sexy, I’m sure you’ll agree
There ain’t no one cuter, nicer, sweeter than a bargirl is to me
So c’mon take some good advice, and jump into your car
and put your self in their lovin’ hands – you just might make it far


Bridge – Now they’re not Mother Theresas, or the teachers that you had in school
there are women cops and women truck drivers, and they’re all very cool
God bless the girls of NASCAR and women of red, white and blue
But i get my kicks about half past six, lord i’m feeling good

Bridge — Chorus—Out

“Girls Behind the Bar” Honor the Girls – Album, Music Video and DVD Project

Mission –
To honor and celebrate those women, that make everyone’s life a bit easier, more pleasant and fun by serving all of us in the watering holes, clubs, honky-tonks and neighborhood bars as the “Girls Behind the Bar” and, hopefully, create some grant money to help some pay off student loans.

Goals –

1. Produce a CD music album of songs about women servers in bars. This will be commissioned original music by signed and undiscovered artists.
2. Produce pro music video of theme song “Girls Behind the Bar”
3. Produce a DVD of women’s stories, including famous women, and experiences working as servers in watering holes.
4. Get sponsors to help fund and distribute the CD and DVD.
5. Do this all on/from an iPad (yikes!)
6. Create grants to help pay for and pay off educational loans of women servers

Doing Good from Doing Well

If this project makes money we would like to create scholarships for the “Girls Behind the Bar” to give grants to pay off student loans. They give so much to us, we can give something back to them — along with a GOOD TIP!

Funding Needs –

We are not going to do this on a shoestring.  That just risk a cruddy outcome and result.  The project can likely get commerical support but then the mission ends up being only about selling something.

Instead, we want to create an on-going community to fund this and future stuff.   This should be a community project not some company’s campaign.  Right now, we need start-up funding to:

1. Create a project team
2. Begin search for best music and people and their stories
3. Create pitch to approach potential sponsors and co-production firms
4. Produce the CD, music video and DVD

My Background and the Project MIssion –

I live in Chicago and am an active singer-songwriter. I wrote and perform a song “Girls Behind the Bar” that has been popular and a good crowd participation song. I wrote it because when I, and other artists, play in bars, generally the “girls behind the bar” are the nicest to us and the most fun. They are cute and fun and friendly. Let’s admit it – they are that way pretty much for everyone!

I have been writing, playing and singing since I was 10.  In multiple bands.  One where we broke up because I insisted we play Rolling Stones the other The Beatles — typical band fight.  Here is a link to more on my musical bio.

For my day job I am a successful marketing consultant.  Doing projects, mainly for closely-held businesses and Fortune 500 firms.  I have worked in advertising, marketing research, financial services, driven a Chicago bus, been a public aid caseworker, have a Master’s in Social Psychology form University of Chicago and was state special event coordinator for a Presidential campaign.

At 16, I trucked ny band to Chess records recording studios and recorded a cover of Marvin Gay’s “Doggone”.  I sang lead!  Damn!! Of That I am most proud.

My song was written to honor them. Being a woman working in a bar is not an easy job and some would rather be doing something else for work, but still they show up, are friendly (to all of us) and make life a little easier – everyday and usually until well past midnight!! Many famous women have worked as bargirls.

Making a Song a Project

I am also a professional marketer so thought there may be a way to publicize this celebration of these attractive, hard-working women to a wider audience.

Some suggested I sell the song to an artist to record. But I thought why not “give” it to a crowd sourced community. It’s also easy to imagine a whole campaign and marketing/publicity project built around the theme honoring these women. My song is also the kind of song that could become an anthem for these women. They are also pretty cute and sassy so that ALWAYS has appeal.

With crowdfunding we can create our own project, supported by YOU, that stays true to the mission of honoring these women and avoids being too commercial – aka, “selling out.”

So the idea is to take the motive for the song – to honor bargirls – and build on it to create a full media project with wide distribution.

Respect not Exploitation: The plan is not just for “Coyote Ugly”/”Hooters”/T&A/Girls Gone Wild-like exploitation but for a project that gets at the reality of being a woman server – and get some good music out and have a lot of fun.

The Kickstarter project will fund the core project and then also let us approach potential commercial sponsors and co-funders. Or, if we get enough money from crowdfunding we may not need to.

The “Girls Behind the Bar” Album of Brand New Songs and Music

So from one song – we’ll create a whole album of original songs about women working in bars. It will be PG-rated BTW. We’ll search out and support new original songs and commission them.

These will be good songs, well-performed and well-produced.

This could be very kool. Imagine the songwriter composing a song to one bargirl – by name. Or a woman songwriter doing a song about when she served in a bar or her sisters doing it! We’ll get undiscovered and signed artists to record them. We may discover a great song from someone who is not an artist so we’ll pitch a known artist to record. You’ll be the first to get the album. Signed, if you want.

The “Girls Behind the Bar” DVD – They Are Cute!

You will also get to nominate your favorite “girls behind the bar” to be interviewed and added to a DVD we’ll produce, with the album music, interviews and more! We’ll also find the “best” bargirls and do interviews (so everyone can see how cute they are, sure) but also to memorialize their stories. There will also be some hair raising stories we can imagine.

We also want the artists to have the opportunity to talk about their song and the inspiration and process. What if we interviewed the song writer and the “girl behind the bar that inspired it!? That’d be kool.


Of course, there are lots of other things we can do and we’re open and want to be creative. The Kickstarter community the project creates will be the “brain trust” to tell us what to do.

  • We can do unique GBTB projects for major cities: NY, LA, London, Berline, Paris, Rio, etc. Anyone want to be production assistant on those? Duh? lol
  • For example, we could do local versions of the project or a tour of performers and the music, etc. There are lots of kool ideas.

THIS PROJECT NEEDS YOU SUPPOT AND IDEAS! DUDE!! Join our group and let us know what helps the mission!

Commercial Partnerships –

GBTB is a natural marketing campaign for a lot of commercial sponsors and venues.  It is also an “evergreen” idea that could be used for years.  Heck, for EVER!!

To give the project even more of a boost we will approach companies who could be co-sponsors. Likely, entertainment/music companies, restaurant groups or spirit companies will also like the project.

Social Media

Oh Yea!!! We will start the usual music and video social media accounts:MySpace, YouTube, ReverbNation, SoundCloud, etc. Along with the standard social media fare: Facebook, Twitter, and global somed sites.

All on an Ipad

Sweet lord!!!???  Not sure what we are getting ourselves into making this commitment!!  I am brand new to Apple stuff.  So we shall see.

However, we are committed to the democratic and “everyday” production values that come with the iPad.  We will need YOUR HELP!! — however.  Stay close to the phone!!  I actually live around the corner from an Apple store so am already bugging them non-stop to ……HELP!!


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