When you are picking a hobby, a job, or simply looking for something that interests you, make your decision with the assumption that you will not receive any fame, fortune, or recognition  for your hard work, other than the enjoyment of the hobby itself. 

Do you want to play music, OR do you want to be a famous musician? « The Forward Mind

There is a difference.  You’ve probably known a guy who goes to his local music store, spends hundreds of dollars buying a guitar, amp, cord, pedals, etc. just to put everything up on craigslist three months later.  Now, it could be that the hobby just didn’t interest him, or maybe he found a new hobby.  Or, it could be that the vision he had in his head when he bought that equipment had nothing to do with playing guitar.  He may have envisioned himself on a giant stage, spotlights blinding him while droves of screaming fans try desperately to get his attention.  Maybe he imagined a line of girls waiting outside his tour bus, desperately hoping that he’ll impregnate them and never talk to them again.

The problem with this fantasy of his is that it already assumes he knows how to play the guitar magnificently.  He doesn’t want to learn guitar, he wants to know guitar.  He doesn’t want to embark on a journey towards mastery over a musical instrument.  He wants fame, fortune, and sex.  Read More »

Reality Check: Hard Headed Advice from Songwriting Team’s Website = Don’t

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you use Addictive Drums from XLN Audio?  YES
I want to send you a demo music/lyrics.

Maratone does not operate as a record company, nor a publishing company.  Maratone does not accept demo music/lyrics or artists without a record or publishing deal.  Maratone works only for record companies.

Could you please just listen to my demo and give me comments how to improve my songwriting etc?

No. We do not have an A&R person (because we are not a recording company) who can give comments. Also, due to legal matters, the producers/writers cannot listen to demos at all. Therefore all demos sent to us will be returned to sender or if an address is missing, will be trashed.Read More »

“Some people think that freedom is to manage everybody but theyself. Learn to manage yourself. That is the key to freedom.”

The Top 10 Biggest Digital Songs in the US Are:


“Right Round,” Flo Rida – 636,000 (February 2009)

“We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” Taylor Swift – 623,000 (August 2012)

“Tik Tok,” Ke$ha – 610,000 (January 2010)

“Grenade,” Bruno Mars – 559,000 (January 2011)

“Somebody That I Used To Know,” Gotye featuring Kimbra – 542,000 (April 2012)

“Boyfriend,” Justin Bieber – 521,000 (April 2012)

“Born This Way,” Lady Gaga – 509,000 (March 2011)

“Firework,” Katy Perry – 509,000 (January 2011)

“Payphone,” Maroon 5 featuring Wiz Khalifa – 493,000 (May 2012)

“Low,” Flo Rida – 467,000 (January 2008)

History of a Hit – Radio REALLY Matters NYT

“This year’s biggest hits — “Call Me Maybe,” Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know” and Fun.’s “We Are Young” — started in left field and were helped along by YouTube and Twitter before coming to the mainstream media.
The New Rise of a Summer Hit by BEN SISARIO Aug. 21, 2012 NYT

For decades, the song of the summer would emerge each year following a pattern as predictable as the beach tides. Pop radio would get it rolling before school let out, and soon the song — inevitably one with a big, playful beat and an irresistible hook — would blare from car stereos everywhere.Read More »

“…our lives are suffussed with music….

In the 100 years or so since recorded music has been widely available, our lives have become suffused by it: we are born and die to music, we eat and shop and travel and make love to music, we work and play to music. Some of our most powerful memories are either of music, or are accompanied by music – and sometimes, even as listeners, we seem almost to become the music that we hear: “Music heard so deeply that it is not heard at all, but you are the music while the music lasts”, as TS Eliot wrote.