New Songs I’m Finishing: “Damaged”, “The Jive Life”, “Southern Discomfort”, “I Just Pretend”

  • “Damaged” – very dark and depressing (yea) – The drunk father of a beautiful and very competent friend of mine used to beat her, her brothers and mother.  Thus, the song.
  • “I Just Pretend” – don’t we all,  –  I have a crush… Read More »

Good Open Mic Rules from Nashville Spot

What rules do I have to follow to play the Cafe Coco Open-mic?
1 – Two or less songs per-artist
2 – Be ready and IN TUNE before you play. Please take time while tuning.  Take your time! There is no rush. Tune, Tune, Tune!
3 – Understand that we are a business as well as a venue for your music.  Please do what you can to treat this as you would a normal concert. This is not a practice spaceRead More »

Is alcoholism ruining the open mic scene? Are messed up and f-ked up performers driving others away? Probably.

Music Helps Process Conflicting and New Ideas/Experiences – Yea, Babee!!

The efficacy of musical emotions provoked by Mozart’s music for the reconciliation of cognitive dissonance

 A recent hypothesis suggested that a fundamental function of music has been to help mitigating cognitive dissonance, which is a discomfort caused by holding conflicting cognitions simultaneously. It usually leads to devaluation of conflicting knowledge…Results of our experiment reveal that the exposure to Mozart’s music exerted a strongly positive influence upon the performance of young children and served as basis by which they were enabled to reconcile the cognitive dissonance.Read More »

Writing Advice: “your job is to be a storyteller”

This comes from great historical novelist Bernard Cornwell and applies to songwriting as well.

Take Aways

  • Your job is to be a storyteller
  • It’s all about the story
  • Stories start with a question
  • Dissect successful writing
  • Get a few good, loyal ppl to support you

Writing Advice

Find an agent [Do not represent yourself, alone}

The most important thing, the all-important thing, is to get the story right.  Write, rewrite, rewrite again, and do not worry about anything except story.  It is story, story, story.  That is your business.  Your job is not to educate readers …What will get you published?  Not style, not research, but story.  Once the story is right, everything else will follow.  Rewriting is falling off a log, the hard work is getting the story.  I once wrote a 12,000 word story for the Daily Mail’s Christmas editions.  It took eight days to get the story right and three hours to rewrite the whole thing, and that rewrite included a brand new villain.  But once the story was right the piece could take all sorts of pummelling because the story was strong enough.

Every good story, he said, begins with a question.  And if your opening question is right, then the pursuit of the answer will propel the reader through the book.  More important, it will propel the writer through the book.Read More »

“The more we run from it the more we run into it.”

(It’s) “The thing in the story, in the mythology, that you have to do for the kingdom to be well, and it’s always something you don’t want to do (confront or talk about).  And it’s always that thing that’s so much about you — confronting yourself — that is tailor-made for you to fail dealing with it.  And the question of your heroism, and of your courage and of your success in dealing with this trial, is can you confront it with honesty and do you confront it and do you have the energy to sustain and attack on it…The more we run from it the more we run into it.”