Crap Gear – One Exception – Vocal Mics

I recently spent $300 for a Shure 87c Beta, I think, mic.  Wow!!  It has been a life changing experience.

I am not much interested in expensive guitars or guitars or other gear much at all.  I record on an iPad an Alessis iO Dock and that’s all the production value I need.  My style and ears like lo-fi and minimal everything.

It is all about the song — not me or the gear. But, but,but….

An expensive vocal mic MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE!!  Because thru a great mic you can hear EVERYTHING!With a normal mic I just can’t hear as well.  Esp the hi’s and lo’s.  With a great mic I can hear the lo’s, when I take a breath, when I pause the smallest sounds off of a vowel or consonant.  It’s wunderfuilled.  It’s like a whole other instrument.

So while I take a tool-based attitude towards my guitars — I do have a strong love affair with my vocal mic.

One nite there about 4 of us at different point sin our skills and we all played and sang thru the bootiful mic.  Everyone made their hi’s and lo’s.  Amazing.

And the the same group of us went to another venue and used the standard Shure ics and no one made their notes.  If you can’t hear — you ain’t gonna make the notes.

This mic supports you at the hih and lo ranges.  If you go real lo and almost whisper it pics it up, phantom power, and feeds it back.  If you start going up for a hi note and are a little unsure it reaches down and “pulls” you up to the higher notes.

So it supports you on lo notes and hi notes.  Any singer has to have that.


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