Most Popular Song Now – Her Black, Black Heart

Kinda a true story.  Why do we fall in love with people and things that do nothing but damage us — more? 
Her Black, Black Heart
My baby’s got a black, black heart, black lips and finger nails
She tried to scratch my eyes out, last time I posted bail
black striped stockings, short black dress
I give her money, and a place to crash
Always smells dirty, breaks every rule
My baby is high class cruel

Her black, black heart is irresistible
together, we spin out depraved
Her black, black heart makes her sexy and vicious
always gets what she craves
Still, I kiss and crave — her black, black heart

Her eyes are empty holes, they burn like blackest coal  10
she’s beautiful when she’s blacked out, she has no soul
black and red snake tattoo crawls down her back 11
I buy her methadrine and black tar smack

My Baby and I are going to go and go
Until we die from the junkie cold
If I had a choice I would throw her out
but I love the pain, her poison and her black, black heart

Chorus – out

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