New Song – “This Crippled Nation”

I wrote the title and first verse for this about 6 years ago when the recession started.  Just finished it last week.   Stared as protest song and then included a hard relationship that ends.

A bad relationship is like a crippled nation. 

Have been playing out at open mics.   It’s a sweet pretty and dark song.  Fun to play and sing — but not the best for the loud, drunk-filled sports bars I usually play in.  Here is recording –

This Crippled Nation

V1 – We walk away on the sharp and broken pieces
of a love we knew was mad
We stoop to fit splinters back together
they cut us deeper, we just bleed more, so sad

But I do see in this shattered love,
some hope with resignation
If I let all this go and die away
Will peace come to this crippled nation?V 2 There is always mumbled speculation
gossip, rumors, flying high, flying wide
Fantasies feed our desperation
Really there is no where left to hide

V3 There is no wondering if anymore
all the secrets fall away
I’ve seen too much of love’s slamming door
There is really nothing left to say


Our love is our own country, our own nationality
A place where we can rest and be free
This is my prayer for peace and jubilation
My prayer to heal our crippled nation

Bonus Verse! – lol
And in the wind, I see a growing light
Flying fast and flying high,
this is my prayer for peace and jubilation
Our prayer to heal our crippled nation

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