Reality Check: Gadgets and Social Media Will Kill Your Craft, Productivity and Creativity

Take Away — You have to be alone for long periods of time to be productive.  Gadgets and social media NEVER want you to be alone.  EVER!

My experience is that productive work demands endless hours of hard, problem-solving work — alone.   Everyday of the week.   See this extended post here.  The more hours I put in the more product I turn out.  The more product I turn out the better my chances of producing something really good.

Time is finite and instantly perishable.  Once gone it’s lost forever.  So productivity always demands trade-offs.  I have to eat, sleep, maintain, recharge my batteries etc.   So the main discretionary time is socializing.   Sometimes socializing is also recharging but probably a lot less than I want to believe and hope it will be.

Socializing demands time.  People want your time.  They want the time you would use for production.  That is the equation.  Enter gadgets which are simply ways to other people to demand and capture your time.  They are always on and always demanding your time.  They trigger reactive and compulsive behavior — that is instant behavior.  They give a little bit, very little actually, but demand something irreplaceable and instantly perishing.   Productive time.

Now the best brain research says we never really conscious make choices about our behavior or how we spend out time — but maybe I can be more aware when things take me away from my productive time and my self.  Maybe not.

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