Good Open Mic Rules from Nashville Spot

What rules do I have to follow to play the Cafe Coco Open-mic?
1 – Two or less songs per-artist
2 – Be ready and IN TUNE before you play. Please take time while tuning.  Take your time! There is no rush. Tune, Tune, Tune!
3 – Understand that we are a business as well as a venue for your music.  Please do what you can to treat this as you would a normal concert. This is not a practice space and if you do not know your songs please do not play them here. There are many places to practice around town.
4 – We cater to acoustic music with a professional understanding of the acoustic coffeehouse environment. Because of this we do not allow people to play along to pre-recorded musical tracks. We also do not allow full bands with drums or any abrasive styles of music. Please leave your drum sets, distorted guitar amps and screaming vocals at home.
5 – We do not allow Poetry or Comedy at our Songwriters Open-Mic.
6 – We do not allow cussing on stage. This is a family restaurant/venue.  Using such language will cause me to stop your set.
7 – Yes, You can play cover songs but we encourage artists to play their own songs.
8 – Please practice and tune your instruments outside of the performance area while musicians are on stage. This is rude and causes a distraction.
9 – No Heckling and keep your voices down when musicians are on stage.  Failure to respect this rule will cause the host to ask you to leave.
10 – If you seem too intoxicated to perform, the host reserves the right to ask you not to play.
11 – No Jam Sessions! If your plan is to “Just wing it and jam out for a while,” Please go someplace else.
12 – Please do not borrow someone else’s instrument. If you were not planning to play and you just dropped in unprepared, please come back next time with your own instrument and two of less prepared songs.

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