New Songs I’m Finishing: “Damaged”, “The Jive Life”, “Southern Discomfort”, “I Just Pretend”

  • “Damaged” – very dark and depressing (yea) – The drunk father of a beautiful and very competent friend of mine used to beat her, her brothers and mother.  Thus, the song.
  • “I Just Pretend” – don’t we all,  –  I have a crush… on the same woman, but it will never happen so…”I Just Pretend”  Wounded women – my speciality.
  • “The Jive Life” – lotta that goin’ around  – instead of healthy living and relationships, we all crave “The Jive Life”
  • “Southern Discomfort” – another dark and depressing song about alcoholism, never enuf. – For someone suffering from The Disease of alcoholism there is never enough.  I get sick of  all the country songs celebrating alcoholism and crap around being drunk.  Lots of songs play off of Southern Comfort – a new one by Brad Paisley – “Southern Comfort Zone” — this is my response.

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