Artists: Stop Sending Out Phoney Sales Emails, Tweets and FB Posts

Hi!  🙂

You don’t know me and I have no interest in getting to really know you, but I have a gig/record/t-shirt/project and I want you to give me money.  So I am gonna pretend we know each other and that I care about you (I don’t, your just ‘the audience’) so hopefully I can fool you into giving me money for my mediocre work.  

BTW, work which no one likes enough to give me money for without me lying and pretending I’m a happening, warm, caring person.  I’m actually a complete jerk who is lazy and does pretty crap work.  I’ve spent a lot of time and money producing and pressing “albums” that are vanity projects that no one would ever listen to.  Even my friends and family lie and say they like my music.  They don’t.  Most of it sucks.  Most of everything anyone does sucks.

Actually, the far better thing that money you could give me is harsh criticism.  But no one has time for that.  Fair enough.

Truth is, the more selfish and a jerk I am and the more I focus 200% on my own artistic voice and vision the better my work gets but that is scary, a lot of time alone and hard practice, practice, writing, practice…..  Then most of what I produce from all that work is crap and no one listens or cares anyway.  So the ROI is minimal but that is the ONLY chance I have of getting better is prodcuing lots of crap and being a jerk about it.  Then, maybe….

But instead I’ll pretend I’m a warm caring social person and send you pointless emails, tests, tweets and social media posts pleading with you do the work I should be doing and just get me some money — somehow.  Please!!  But again, I’m not really an artist.  I’m a salesperson just scamming to get money and attention.  PLEASE!!

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