Social Media Fail – nothing more boring than following artists on somed. They never talk about the craft and only sell stuff. The only “connection” they want to make is $$…zzzzzzzzzzzz

“A recent German study shows that some contestants on television talent shows like “The Voice of Germany” are so humiliated by the experience that they remain depressed for years.”

“In short, compared to equally successful people in other fields, performers are more likely to be smokers—and, perhaps, users of other unhealthful substances such as alcohol and drugs.”

Our data raise the intriguing speculation that young people contemplating certain careers (e.g., performing arts and professional sports) may be faced, consciously or otherwise, with a Faustian choice: Namely (1) to maximize their career potential and competitiveness even though the required psychological and physical costs may be expected to shorten their longevity, or (2) to fall short of their career potential so as to balance their lives and permit a normal lifespan.

“Real security is not only being able to tolerate mystery, complexity, ambiguity but hungering for them and only trusting a situation when they are present…In the shared future… the end goal will be to become vulnerable, realizing the place of our connection to one another rather than becoming secure, in control, and alone.”

“….sometimes our lives become very small and unsatisfying when we spend all our energies trying to be secure.”

“Composers who want to make their mark might do well to create a piece that sounds complex but is actually built on a foundation of simple patterns.”

can’t understand why musicians mainly use social media to pimp theri junk and concerts rather than connect with people…it is “social” not “sales” media…duh

“….loss of amygdala function might contribute to the development of panic disorder.”

The whole issue of PTSD and developmental brain injuries is a good on for understanding brain and behavior.

things i guess i am learning….

anyone else experience this kind of stuff?

so after a few months off i am back playing out and it is different….

the response is pretty good and i like what i am doing but finding my style is getting very loud, bold and expressive…i pretty much attack every part of my music…i am currently in a constant battle with mic stands…i attack the mic and the damn stands keep getting in the bloody way…..grrrrrr

same with vocal, lyrics and guitar playing very loud, aggressive and strong…not to everyone’s taste, which is fine…that’s my artist vision…even with quiet and sweet songs….grrrrr….Read More »