things i guess i am learning….

anyone else experience this kind of stuff?

so after a few months off i am back playing out and it is different….

the response is pretty good and i like what i am doing but finding my style is getting very loud, bold and expressive…i pretty much attack every part of my music…i am currently in a constant battle with mic stands…i attack the mic and the damn stands keep getting in the bloody way…..grrrrrr

same with vocal, lyrics and guitar playing very loud, aggressive and strong…not to everyone’s taste, which is fine…that’s my artist vision…even with quiet and sweet songs….grrrrr….

i didn’t make a planned choice for any of this, it just came up when i started rehearsing and practicing in a space…when i am practicing by myself and step up to the mic and start playing the guitar it just comes out this way!…it’s a surprise to me!!

guess i am learning to honor what my ears hears, my voice and vision are, my skills are and where they take me, even when impractical…it is wholly impractical to play a sweet soft love song in the typical crowded, sports bars we all play in but dammit…that’s what i hear…and i am going to play what i hear…

being a perfectionist and argumentative about the vocal, mic, mix set up in a crap bar is impractical and dum…but i am gonna still do it…

guess i am learning that being an artist is a lot about accepting the impractical and inconvenient and dum stuff… do the work…and it out…after that, my job is done..whew!.

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