Good Songwriting Tips: Easy to Perform, Sing and Learn, Flatters the Artist

By Cliff Goldmacher

Writing for yourself is where it starts, but keep the artist in mind throughout your process

When you’re starting out as a songwriter, a common scenario is that something in your life moves you to the point where you’re inspired to write about it, and thus, your song is born. This may still be the case – and on some level, I hope so – but if you’re hoping that someone other than you will record your song, here are some essential strategies to keep in mind.

1. Make your song memorable and easy to learn.
There are several ways to create a memorable song. First and foremost, is there something about it that sticks in the listener’s mind and sets it apart? That’s a great place to start. Almost as important, though, is whether the song is easy to learn.Read More »

Reality Check: “So I go out to Hollywood and I realize that the community is basically like 30 people who make a living doing music for movies and TV; it’s a very small community.”

What advice would you give up-and-coming composers and producers?
Do what I do: Go on IMDB or go on Box Office Mojo. Look up the top 30 pictures of the year; look at who the supervisors are … look in the music department. Don’t be a nag; don’t be a psycho. Call them up. Say, are you looking for anything? Can I send you my demo? They might say yes, and you know what, that demo may go in the garbage. Check in with them a month and a half later. Send them maybe an MP3 via email. Be nice and at some point, somebody’s going to hear your material. But you cannot give up. Patience. Persistence. You gotta have drive. And the other thing I’ll say is that you have to let go of your piece when it’s created. You can never treat what you’ve just created as the best thing you will ever create. If so, you might as well stop.

Oh Great!: Nazis Invented Recording Tape – To Spew Hate! grrrrrr

“Fast-forward into the mid-nineteen-forties. The Second World War had just ended. Americans were picking over the technological remains of German industry. One of the things they discovered was magnetic tape; the Nazis had been using tape recording to broadcast propaganda across time zones. It was a remarkable invention. Previous sound-recording technologies had used wax cylinders or discs, or delicate wires. But magnetic tape was remarkably fungible: it could be recorded over, cut and spliced together. Plus it sounded better.”

…so the first use and motive for the invention of one of the main mass communication mediums was to broadcast  pure evil & hate….grrrrrrr

why i write…..get it outta me head…

i am constantly hearing new songs in my head and i feel a pressure to create them…so they stop rolling around in my brain…it’s like mental house cleaning..

also if i hear a story or a phrase/line comes to mind…and hooks me…same thing…it’s a new song…