My Goal – Connecting With Strangers (Scary, huh?!) I Battle “Stranger Danger”…grrrr

One Goal – with my music – connect with strangers.  Immediately, (3-10 secs), and then for 3.5 mins.

Simple in concept, very hard to do.  Usually, I fail.  Once in awhile it works.  The “once in awhile” times, makes it all worth it.

I find the best way to do that is to dig really deep into my experience of things and then work, really, really hard to make a song and performance.  Far, far more work than “fun.”  Usually, my experience is mainly sub-conscious and non-verbal – as it is for everyone — and that’s how we connect.  Bingo!

Almost all of the effort is on my craft and technique.  I am not a perfectionist but I “hear” the song in my head and have a craving to realize that.  Usually, I don’t.  But I am gratified just trying as hard as I can.

My brain, not “me,” is extremely picky and demanding.  A missed BPM, bad vocal mix (I HATE), no connection or groove, etc. and I get immediately focused and – STOP!  FIX!  NOW!

Covers – I do covers of songs that hit me deep.  I also usually hear a different version of the song – usually darker, MUCH darker….lol…

Perfect Songs – like “Hurt”, “When I Fall in Love”, “For Emily Wherever You Are”, “Hero” i try to deliver the song as straight as possible.  That is real hard too, to keep “me” at a very minimum.

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