Kill Me Now – with a Spoon, Please: Musicians talking “meaningully about their work!! yuk!!

artist should never talk about their works, process maybe, specific pieces songs – never!….that’s for others and critics…whenever i talk about what a songs “means” i get more than normally – dummer

“research shows young people use their music preferences to express their identities and to fit in with their friends. “

“Songwriting wasn’t my gift. I think you have to cultivate a gift; you have to practice and develop craft around your gift it so that you can execute it in more convenient, efficient ways. I just didn’t wake up and say, ‘I’ve got to write a song.’ Jackson Browne wakes up and writes a song down on a napkin – that was his gift. I used to live with J.D Souther, and I would watch him write. He’s be sitting, he’d say something, and then he’s write it down. That’s craft.”

Linda Ronstadt

Studio Production Is What’s Killing Music – Dum Effects are #1 – the Music, Musician and Art are Shoved Off the “List”

The People want direct access to music – not an engineered one!!  Making money means mass production to lowest common denominator so if you wanna make money it’s mass sound production.  Real music?  The opposite.  Music is a personal, and hand made, craft.Read More »

…music recording….eh…my focus is songwriting, voice, guitar…recording today seems overly fussy, restrictive and emotion killing….

i am really a “less is more” musician….the over-commercialization of music and dumming down of the emotions and connections in songs, seems to start in the studio…remember early music was done total lo-fi…i think our ears are the same…

the less of the studio, the better….i actually think this will help making money…but just my ear’s preferences…i hear the recoding taking away more than it adds….however, i have a beautiful Shure 87 beta c vocal mike which i love…i can just hear more when i am singing…