Kill Me Now – with a Spoon, Please: Musicians talking “meaningully about their work!! yuk!!

artist should never talk about their works, process maybe, specific pieces songs – never!….that’s for others and critics…whenever i talk about what a songs “means” i get more than normally – dummer

“research shows young people use their music preferences to express their identities and to fit in with their friends. “

“Songwriting wasn’t my gift. I think you have to cultivate a gift; you have to practice and develop craft around your gift it so that you can execute it in more convenient, efficient ways. I just didn’t wake up and say, ‘I’ve got to write a song.’ Jackson Browne wakes up and writes a song down on a napkin – that was his gift. I used to live with J.D Souther, and I would watch him write. He’s be sitting, he’d say something, and then he’s write it down. That’s craft.”

Linda Ronstadt