….and there is real damage in love….too real….


3 Fav Love Songs: Hero – Family of the Year, When I Fall in Love – American standard, House is Not a Home – Luther Vandros version

Will post, at some point…I cover the 1st two, and am priviledged to do so, last one….I’m working on….

Best Love Song Songwriters Now – Family of the Year

Two songs – Hero and Everytime – fricking amazing.  I cover Hero, it’s magic…

Pretty Much All Love Songs Are Lies – As Is All Pop Culture….grrrrrrrr…..

A songwriter and performer shud never lie….it’s total disrespect of the art, the craft, the audience and oneself…

But, as  always, you can always make the most money and be the most popular lying.  Short-term.  Life after death, politics, all pop media, etc….our lil brains pay the most time/money/attention to lies, pretending and fantasy claims. 

Long term the crap songs disappear and the honest ones make the most money in the end.  I ain’t gonna lie in my music…yuk…