Oh Oh – “…while cigarette smoking rates have declined among younger people in the United States, those who do smoke are more likely to have a psychiatric or substance use disorder compared with those who began smoking in earlier decades.”

Good Idea!! “before work morning “raves” that have cropped up in recent years”

“I think we all agree that this is the coolest reason to be late to work,”…Unlike most gigs there is a distinct lack of talkers, phone starers and uninterested industry schmoozers.

“All the money in the world could not cure his drug addiction…”

“We went through all the addiction experts, people specialising in wealthy families. I know that landscape so well. All I can say is it doesn’t help very much.”Read More »

In Our Own Image: Why Our “Gods” Are Usually Monsters IRL

Certainly the “gods” of Abraham are cosmically monstrous, psychopathic mass murders “creating” millennia, non-stop the worst kinds of crimes – in myth.  Religions “gods” are usually, as Eddie Izzard says, “psychopathic fuck-heads”

The life stories of recent dead celebrities and leaders, Steve Jobs, Glenn Frye, David Bowie, etc are an unending litany of ugly, monstrous behaviors and addictions.  Great art?  Sure.  But horrible “human beings” – by any standard.  Life times filled with criminal behavior…just the addictions alone!!  Read More »

The Artist’s Life Can Be Real Ugly: David Bowie

“In the wee small hours I held David up in the street while he vomited all over his shoes.

I told him: ‘This just proves that not everything that comes out of your mouth is worth recording.’”Read More »