“All the money in the world could not cure his drug addiction…”

“We went through all the addiction experts, people specialising in wealthy families. I know that landscape so well. All I can say is it doesn’t help very much.”“You get into this co-dependant thing…it means is that your life, your fate becomes entangled in somebody else’s life and I think that was very true for me and my brother.I was very entangled in his addiction.”…Sigrid describes herself being very much “entangled” in her brother’s addiction and said this has caused her episodes of deep depression.

“I was very entangled in his addiction. I ended up going myself as a family member to the same rehab he was in. I cut my arms.”

One of the heirs to a £4.3billion fortune derived from the Swedish food packaging empire, Sigrid is now the founder of one of the UK’s largest philanthropic foundations, which has given away around £230 million to human rights causes since it began.

In addition to being the owner of the Granta publishing house, Sigrid said she is now focusing on writing a memoir of what it means to be a family member of an addict.

“What happens to you when you end up holding so much of the discipline?…You become the voice of morality. And there is something important to be said about the pain of being that voice.”


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