Oh oh: – “even long-term abstinence from cocaine does not result in a complete normalization of brain circuitry.”

These findings suggest that prolonged abstinence from cocaine may normalize only a subset of the brain abnormalities associated with active drug use.

So who is attending these major summer festivals?

  • “Nearly half (45%) of music festival fans are MillennialsRead More »

Oh oh: “Prince contracted HIV in mid-90s but condition developed into AIDS six months ago…Artist ‘did not get treatment because he thought God would heal him'”




“…music and concerts – they are an addiction, a hard drug. Pursuing music eats into your life to the point where there is no space left for anything else….From the outside, being an artist seems like a dream life, but there are much darker aspects to it. People who do music do it because it is all they can do.”

“Stars…rarely speak like passionate artists any more — they speak like business people who believe that making music means changing their output to match the public’s taste at that moment,”

“There’s an especially big demand for party- and booze-themed tunes during the upcoming summer concert season. “