“…creative workplaces are marked significantly by insecurity, inequality and exploitation (including self-exploitation)…”

selling me most bootiful guitar…Gibson Starburst Elite – Red!! dang it…

i am just not into owning guitars i don’t play out or guitars for art…they are just tools to me to get a sound i have in me head….however, this one is so bootiful, i fell for her…sadly the maple top does not resonate at all, so it is a very flat sound…there is a good reason why soft woods are used on top….

Reality Check: “…you never will have the things that you helplessly crave—but also it has always been like that.”

“You don’t hear many whole of half notes in pop music anymore, everything is ’16th and ‘8th notes and more rhythmic.”

Crap Gear – I Love It

My love is songwriting.  I am not a very good guitarist.  I’m a good rhythm guitarist but that’s it.  I can keep a good beat.

So an expensive, exceptional guitar is wasted on me.   Plus, I play in songwriting groups with some good guitarists but all I can hear is the guitar when they play their songs.

Plus, I am cheap.  Plus, I will not spend time fiddling with gear.  So I am partial to crap gear.  Pretty much very simple analog stuff that sorta kinda works, sometimes but takes minimal fiddling.

I also play out a lot, mainly in crap bars to drunks, with crap PAs and sound — so fiddling with anything is pointless.  I’m the only one listening anyway.  That is the s-s scene in Chi-town.

Pimp My Video: Boy HIts Car – (the new Beach Boys)

Saw these guyz in Joliet , IL.  They are incredible.  There were 10 ppl, they played like it was a stadium.

“At the beginning of the 90s that guy was gonna be a writer, this guy was making films, this guy was gonna be guitar player. What happened by the end of the 90s? They all had heavy addictions. We were buying into the idea of taking drugs as rebellion, when really we were suckers who bought a gimmick.”

“Trump’s use of violent rhetoric isn’t just something he’s forcing on an easily manipulated mob. They respond to him. But he also responds to them. And they build up each other’s feelings of excitement and anger.”

Too bad…