New Song: “Damaged”

This is story about a friend whose father would get drunk and beat her brothers and mother.  “I want to write unforgettable songs about everything, no one ever wants to talk about”.:


Her drunk father would beat her younger brothers
Then whisper, if you tell anyone, I’ll do the same to you
She could never protect her brothers or her mother – there was nothing she could doRead More »

New Song: “Plastered”

Partner abuse usually driven by alcoholism is a big problem.  This story is just one I have been told by a friend about her husband the drunk.  The details are true, the reality worse then can go into any song.  Comments and critiques welcome.


He comes home every nite plastered, puts his fist thu the bedroom
From another bar fight nite, he stomps his blood down the hall
He is always sweet the next day and so apologetic
Kisses, convenient forgetting, pretty promises every time
Their friends just see he’s so funny, attentive and loving
He just feeds them the same old sick liesRead More »

New Song: “Chillicothe Is Burning”

Lots of death and addiction down along the Ohio River and hills of Appalachia.  Have few new songs about it.  Here is first one.  Lyrics, recording to follow – comments and critiques welcome.

Chillicothe Is Burning
I stick my veins on the map of this flesh and bones
My wife and i drop fentanyl, baby abandoned on the floor
The coal is black, my family’s farm has been fracked
in the hills, junkies fall like leaves, oxy, booze and crack
Read More »

“The Kardashian business model seems to have three tenets: do what other people won’t, retain control, and never let a licensing possibility pass.”

Celebrities are regularly cast as superhuman versions of normal people. And the upper-middle-class normal is currently piled high with work…Organization Celebritydom tends to be emphasized in its female form.

“The real-life Kim has slightly sharper edges than her celebrity character,” Weaver writes. “She’s frighteningly organized: She tells me that before bed she deletes every single text message and e-mail from her phone, unless it’s something she still needs to respond to.”Read More »