“The Kardashian business model seems to have three tenets: do what other people won’t, retain control, and never let a licensing possibility pass.”

Celebrities are regularly cast as superhuman versions of normal people. And the upper-middle-class normal is currently piled high with work…Organization Celebritydom tends to be emphasized in its female form.

“The real-life Kim has slightly sharper edges than her celebrity character,” Weaver writes. “She’s frighteningly organized: She tells me that before bed she deletes every single text message and e-mail from her phone, unless it’s something she still needs to respond to.”

Like other groundbreaking, television show-creating, memoir-writing, film comedy-making funny ladies—Rivers, Mindy Kaling, Tina Fey—Schumer seems to be possessed of a superhuman work ethic…Kim Kardashian and Amy Schumer share little beyond success, a vast audience, and this striking assiduousness. Increasingly, however, those distinctions seem related. Glossy magazines and the stars they embrace have traditionally traded in a charmed-life narrative.

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