Death Metal Iz Good 4 Itz Fanz: “…listening to heavy metal helps fans of the genre deal with their own mortality.”

“…it is specifically heavy metal fans who are protected from existential angst by listening to heavy metal…metal music as [another] type of media content that helps to overcome fear of death…”

“…through being constantly surrounded by reminders of death – via heavy metal lyrics and iconography – metal fans are somehow immunised against existential angst.”

“Those heavy metal fans who’d written about their own death and then listened to an audio book showed a subsequent increase in the salience of their cultural world view – this is consistent with Terror Management Theory because it suggests these fans dealt with the existential angst caused by the writing task by turning their minds to thoughts of heavy metal culture. Crucially, this increase in cultural world view salience was not seen among the fans who’d had the chance to listen to a heavy metal song. The researchers said it’s as if listening to the song was itself enough of a protection against existential angst – there was no need for them to engage any further psychological defences”

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