Right now my brain wants to write and hear real-life songs…

The songs I am writing and performing now are as close to real-life stories I have heard or been told first hand.  My brain has gotten very weary of the fantasy, romantic idealized songs and stories that make up pop music now.  So my songs are fiercely anti-pop right now – that may change.  I don’t chose my writing style or listening preferences – they just happen.Read More »

Musicians Beware: “Chronic early-life stress increases vulnerability to alcoholism and anxiety disorders during adulthood…”

“You can have a No. 1 record and a bunch of Twitter followers, but you need a good show and you need multiple hits to pull off your eventual goal, which is entertaining.”

United States of Junkieland: “Drug overdose is now the leading cause of accidental death in the United States, with opioid-related deaths driving the much of the increase.”

“…opioid-related overdoses, both fatal and non, almost always involve at least one other drug.  Mixing drugs is generally much more dangerous than single-substance use, and certain combinations are particularly lethal. Taking opioids with alcohol, for instance, or benzodiazepines, dramatically increases the potential for fatal respiratory depression…”

““This business is a road of ‘nos’…You sign a songwriter and take them around everywhere and it’s ‘no, no, no’. You’ve got to ride that out.”