Gee, Did Solomon Burke Start It All?

Certainly, Al Greene followed in his steps….the Brit bluez guyz covered him Stones, Rod Stewart, etc…also hear Sly Stone and Teddy Pendergrass, pre Motown…

no one has a deeper groove…!!!

Bad = “Excessive alcohol use during adolescence associated with abnormal development of the brain grey matter…the structural changes detected in the insula of alcohol users may reflect a reduced sensitivity to alcohol’s negative subjective effects.”

“All sorts of activities that were essential in forming western culture (playing and composing music, poetry) will soon no longer be professions.”

Along with the sheer devaluing of musical production came the steady relegation of music to background. The increase in music’s background presence is made possible by technology, and people then become accustomed to it in that role; music becomes less and less a natural focus of attention. That creates markets for very cheaply produced sound – much popular music now is made on a laptop with a singer or two, no band. As sounds of these kinds become the norm, it makes even less sense to sit down and listen. There is a spiralling downward feedback between modes of production, reproduction, and listening.

“Melodrama is a genre that draws on sensation and exaggerated emotion to tell a story of an underdog able to overcome adversity.”

“… life is hard & the best life possible is one where a man can sit around all day doing nothing but writing.” lol