Music Event Sponsorship Tips

  • Ultimately, layering digital offerings such as free downloads, fresh social updates and rich websites onto live music events maximizes the impact of sponsorships before and after the actual event.  By combining the old and the new, it’s possible for brands to reap the benefits of both.
  • Nielsen research highlights the importance of not taking a one-size-fits-all approach, primarily because attendees and event structure varies significantly and fans are generally more receptive to custom brand experiences. Read More »

“…the brain regions involved in processing linguistic and musical syntactic structures may be domain-general and therefore devoted to the processing of syntactic structures that determine the meaning of all varieties of action…”

“Sounds, such as music and noise, are capable of reliably affecting individuals’ moods and emotions, possibly by regulating brain dopamine, a neurotransmitter strongly involved in emotional behavior and mood regulation.”

“…the effects of music and noise on affective behavior and brain physiology are associated with genetically determined dopamine functionality.”Read More »

“”Stories appear to be a fundamental way in which the brain organizes information in a practical and memorable manner.”

“Humans may have a … propensity to structure acoustic input in certain ways, leading over time to a cultural emergence of universals.”

“…citing working memory as one example of a biological constraint that could shape our musical preferences. If working memory can process just five to seven elements at a time, as many scientists say, it would be impossible for our minds to keep track of 12 beats in any given moment. But if we transform those beats into regular groupings of smaller, repeating elements, then we should be able to compress the information to fit the limited capacity of our working memory. “This is the best working hypothesis we have,” says Ravignani, who adds that the biological hypothesis “dovetails nicely” with other research in cognitive science and psychology.”

Fuck!? – “Jimmy Hendrix was dead three years and 362 days after landing in London for the first time!”

“…the only place he ever called home – a flat diagonally above that once occupied by the composer George Frideric Handel, on Brook Street in central London, in the double building now known as Handel House”Read More »