Oh oh – “belief in demons was a strong predictor of poorer mental health among youth and young adults. However, poorer mental health did not lead to greater belief in demons.

“Terrestrial radio is still the No. 1 discovery method for new music in the country genre,”

Pot Is Bad

The effects,

  • Cannabis use is likely to increase the risk of developing schizophrenia and other psychoses; the higher the use the greater the risk.
  • In individuals with schizophrenia and other psychoses, a history of cannabis use may be linked to better performance on learning and memory tasks.

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oh well: “There is a widespread belief that our perception of what makes a creation original and outstanding is given by its objective qualities, but in fact it is heavily influenced by the social groups we are members of, and which provide the basis for making sense of the world.”

“…perceivers are much more likely to recognise a performance as truly brilliant when perceivers and performers share membership in a social group.”

“Shared social group membership becomes even more important when the diagnostic value of a quality indicator increases — that is, when we establish whether something is not just excellent but outstanding.”Read More »

Addiction Model

although dopamine is likely highly involved, it is the activity of the NAc, regardless of originating influences, that mediates these behaviors.Read More »