Love This Song: “Catch the Wind”


“…preferring instead to travel…unmoored in order, as a writer, to properly bear witness.”

Is Empathy the Main Skill a Songwriter/Performer Needs? I’ll Bet It Is…

Bunch of brain science articles and studies makes me think it is!  Seems a performers/artist can be total fuckhead and their life a complete car wreck but but if their work has empathy in each song…seems to hook the audience.  Bit of a spitball but here are some of the findings:  Read More »

“You enjoy solving a problem if you have difficulty solving it. The fun is in the struggle with a problem that resists.”

Addiction Raining Down Like Hell: “States that Trump won like West Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio were hardest hit by fatal drug overdoses in 2015” fuck

i feel that longing is the core of male art….the challenge of seeking emotional satisfaction with all the self imposed obstacles…also protecting and serving loved ones…