Sad – Hendrixs Dies B4 Clapton Can Give Him Guitar He Bought for Him the Day He Dies…

The nite Jimi dies Clapton had found a left handed Strat and was waiting out at club to give it to him…..death and rock and roll….

Bootiful Version of American Classic

“Listeners can hear a difference between standard audio and better than CD quality, known as high resolution audio, according to a new study from Queen Mary University of London “

“The most popular songs are believed to release the same ‘happy hormone’, dopamine’, as novelty-seeking behaviours such as drug-taking or casual sex. “

“In Western society at least, endless reiteration of grief in speech is not generally acceptable. Songs of this kind allow this to happen. There is no embargo on singing or playing them repeatedly. We may also cry when the song is sung; an emotional response is acceptable in response to an obvious, external trigger.”