Beethoven- Damn! “ was congenital syphilis – probably passed down from his father – that was the source of Beethoven’s ill health.

“Congenital syphilis does not usually affect its victims until they are in their 20s, which is consistent with when Beethoven started noticing his hearing problems.”

Whoa! “Mr. Petty’s system showed traces of the drugs fentanyl, oxycodone, temazepam, alprazolam, citalopram, acetyl fentanyl and despropionyl fentanyl.”

Tom Petty dies of drugz…

My friend Max Thiam, a musician from Senegal say “the audience are the performers’ we provide the music

makes more sense then superstar ethos

More Inequality and “Pockets of Misery” Coming – and Hate/Fear Politics?

“…High returns on equity capital may therefore be linked to a more tenuous status for workers and to a drop in the share of GDP which is paid out as labour income….”

via More Inequality and “Pockets of Misery” Coming and Hate/Fear Politics? — Growth

“A man should not talk about himself unless it carries some meaning for others. To speak about yourself just because something has happened to you is foolishness, or worse still, pure selfishness.”

“life’s mysteries should be clothed in facts. The simple and the factual lead to truth. An excess of words can be a serious obstacle.”

“Refuse to imagine what will impress other people. Seduce them into loving exactly what you have to give instead. Savor your craft and enjoy yourself. Impress yourself, seduce yourself, belong to yourself in the dark, and you will be a writer, an artist, a human being with a strong, clear, true voice.”

“…true bravery and lasting art spring from the ability to show the whole picture without making us turn away.”