New Lyrics: “Comfortable With Crazy”, “Dodge and Deny” (oooh yea), “Nicotine and Grain Alcohol”

…..dark and self-medicating (always) rules…..always… of my fav words is meth-a-drine…from “Lucretia, My Reflection”  Sisters of Mercy, great song BTW.

New Songs I’m Finishing: “Damaged”, “The Jive Life”, “Southern Discomfort”, “I Just Pretend”

  • “Damaged” – very dark and depressing (yea) – The drunk father of a beautiful and very competent friend of mine used to beat her, her brothers and mother.  Thus, the song.
  • “I Just Pretend” – don’t we all,  –  I have a crush… Read More »

Reality Check: Gadgets and Social Media Will Kill Your Craft, Productivity and Creativity

Take Away — You have to be alone for long periods of time to be productive.  Gadgets and social media NEVER want you to be alone.  EVER!

My experience is that productive work demands endless hours of hard, problem-solving work — alone.   Everyday of the week.   See this extended post here.  The more hours I put in the more product I turn out.  The more product I turn out the better my chances of producing something really good.

Time is finite and instantly perishable.  Once gone it’s lost forever.  So productivity always demands trade-offs.  Read More »

Most Popular Song Now – Her Black, Black Heart

Kinda a true story.  Why do we fall in love with people and things that do nothing but damage us — more? 
Her Black, Black Heart
My baby’s got a black, black heart, black lips and finger nails
She tried to scratch my eyes out, last time I posted bail
black striped stockings, short black dress
I give her money, and a place to crash
Always smells dirty, breaks every rule
My baby is high class cruel

Her black, black heart is irresistible
together, we spin out depraved
Her black, black heart makes her sexy and vicious
always gets what she craves
Still, I kiss and crave — her black, black heart Read More »