No Better Sound – Pinapple Thief – Unplugged

So many of the Brit alt bands are just great.  The Pineapple Thief is one of the best.  Just listen!  This is pretty much the lo-fi, minimal production my ears like.

Hot Projects,Yea, Babee!!: Original “Girls Behind the Bar” Song “Honor the Girls” Project — C’mon and Help Y’all!!

OK, so I am going to market and try to sell the original song “Girls Behind the Bar.” (GBTB)  The song contains a strong marketing concept so I intend to start with a project to create community and  “happening” around the song, story and its ideas.  See the idea brief below.  Here is a link to the song and lyrics.

If you want to help here’s how you can:

  • Need a street team.  There is going to be audio and video production so could use help on those items.
  • Do you know any kool Girls Behind the Bar?  This project wants to celebrate those girls/woman who make our lives a bit easier.  This is NOT a T&A/”Hooters” thang but, heck, they are awful cute.  Who should we include, that you see or know?
  • You know of any potential corporate/venue sponsors?  This is a natural for the booze companies

Doing Good While Doing Well – A priority for the project is to try to generate enough $$$ so we can give grants to bargirls to help pay for or pay off student loans.  That may be a bit pie-in-the-sky but I’m hopin’ it can happen.  [Damn!!!…. Good song title!!]

THIS PROJECT NEEDS YOU SUPPOT AND IDEAS! DUDE!! Join our group and let us know what helps the mission!

“Girls Behind the Bar”  – Honor the Girls Project

Here’s the Song

“Girls Behind the Bar [GBTB] Original Lyrics,  Style:  Country rock – very simple melody and chords. Copyrighted

Verse 1 – So the boss was in a mood today and he told me to leave early
I ain’t gonna get the hours I need and that always makes me surly
So I take my truck to the local joint, where the girls yell “hey there honey!”
High five each girl behind the bar, end up spending all my money

Chorus – So c’mon down, and make ’em proud, they’re our honky-tonk superstars
and raise your glass and yell real loud for the girls behind the barRead More »