Finding Your “Hit Zone” (and why it matters)

Putting three elements together, you see that finding your Hit Zone is about progressing through the songwriting, production and image phases of your development (which together constitute your “brand”) while focusing on those elements that are Authentic, Unique and Sellable.  By doing so, you will maximize your chance of success, and hopefully avoid wasted time and money pursuing creative paths that will not lead you where you want to go.

Finding Your “Hit Zone” (and why it matters) (full article)

Yes, your Hit Zone is that important…if you haven’t found it, you’re just flailing around and wasting your time.

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Publishing Deal Terminology from

  • Term – Length of time in years contract runs
  • Split – pub (50%), co-pub (25%) or admin(10%-20%)
  • Advance amount
  • non recourse (meaning that they can’t take it back in the event that you make no money)
  • Territory – World, or US/NorthAmerica Approval rights – do you have approval rights over usage

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Reality Check – Are Live Gigs Worth It? from

“When In Doubt, Leave It Out!”
Understandably, most upcoming artists invest a fair amount of time and money on playing live gigs because they believe playing live automatically builds a music career, but this is wrong.

The reality is that most artists waste a lot of time and money by playing live too soon, or for the wrong reasons.

Keep these two things in mind:

(1) you have limited amount of time to spend on your music career

(2) you have a limited amount of money to invest (in gear, lessons, production, studios, etc.)

If you’re a serious artist, instead of spending your limited time and money on gigs, you will probably get faster results by working with professional songwriters and producers, developing a package that will turn listeners into fans, and building a great image.Read More »

King of Hearts – The Mad, Suicide King!

I picked the kool King of Hearts as my graphic.  So what exactly is that sword doing?  Turns out there is quite a history behind this playing card.  Wow!  See below.

The Suicide King
Modern playing cards are filled with layers of meaning and symbology that can be traced back centuries. The four kings, for example, are based off of real rulers: the king of diamonds represents the wealthy Julius Caesar, the king of clubs is the brutal Alexander the Great, Spades represents the strong but kind David of Israel and Hearts represents the… emotionally disturbed, shall we say, Charles VII of France. It is this king that we will be dealing with today. It should also be noted that Charles was the only one of the four who was actually there to see the day that his face was printed on a playing card, which may rationalize why he acted apart from the others.Read More »

Music and Commerce – All About Getting and Keeping Attention, duh

Everyone, especially in the hyper-competitive digital environment craves getting and keeping consumer’s attention — that’s the core of marketing.  Of course.  Marketers must have new ways to get our attention and keep it — even before they sell us something.  Music is the best, easiest and cheapest to produce and distribute ways to get and keep people’s attention.  Especially, boys and gurls < 31 — the key impressionable years.

The crux problem is the music that is usually best at getting attention challenges current pop and business sensibilities and the status quo so there are always “creative” fights and tension.  The artists know, by definition, what hooks/rocks their audience’s brains (and bodies babee!) and biz folks need a product that can be packaged and sold.  Both sides are “right” from their POV’s and their needs.  And we need each other – until artists are ready to be marketers.

Here are some good points from Fortune article (excerpted) my comments are in [brackets, bold and blue and initialed kk]

“Are Advertisers the New Labels?” In a word, no. But let me explain…

Despite the problems that have plagued labels, there are several things that successful labels have done to help develop new talent, and it’s not clear that advertisers will ever fill the labels’ shoes.Read More »