Crap Gear – One Exception – Vocal Mics

I recently spent $300 for a Shure 87c Beta, I think, mic.  Wow!!  It has been a life changing experience.

I am not much interested in expensive guitars or guitars or other gear much at all.  I record on an iPad an Alessis iO Dock and that’s all the production value I need.  My style and ears like lo-fi and minimal everything.

It is all about the song — not me or the gear. But, but,but….

An expensive vocal mic MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE!!  Because thru a great mic you can hear EVERYTHING!Read More »

Science of Pop Music? Oh Yea!

 Much of the gathered evidence points towards:

  • an important degree of conventionalism,
  • in the sense of blockage or no-evolution,
  • in the creation and production of contemporary western popular music.

Thus, from a global perspective, popular music would have no clear trends and show no considerable changes in more than fifty yearsRead More »

Lot’s of Good Biz and Artistic Advice: Hard-Headed Reality Check

GLENN BRANCA (composer)

‘how bad do you want to do this?’  ‘How much do you need this?’  ‘Is this the thing that dominates your life?’  ‘Are you willing to sacrifice absolutely everything in your life?’  And when I say ‘everything,’ I mean absolutely everything for this one thing that you want to do.  And I think that most people don’t.  I think that there’s a lot of people that THINK that they want to do something but they don’t realize just what you have to do in order to be able to do it.Read More »

Serious Snaps For: Steve Albini – Sound Engineer Extraordinaire

We are rapid fans of lo-fi, low production values.  Honor the Song is our motto.  This local Chicago guy seems to have it down.  We’re gonna contact him and let you know.

Steve Albini – Sound Engineer Extraordinaire Published in SOS September 2005
Steve Albini has become a legend in the world of alternative music by championing traditional engineering skills, respecting the opinions of the artists he records, and doing business ethically.

Steve Albini 1.s

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