Good Open Mic Rules from Nashville Spot

What rules do I have to follow to play the Cafe Coco Open-mic?
1 – Two or less songs per-artist
2 – Be ready and IN TUNE before you play. Please take time while tuning.  Take your time! There is no rush. Tune, Tune, Tune!
3 – Understand that we are a business as well as a venue for your music.  Please do what you can to treat this as you would a normal concert. This is not a practice spaceRead More »

..typical chicago open mic….

…..played to 2 other players and one husband, nice set anyway, iPad, recorded it, outside 5-6-7 cop cars pushing some guy head first into paddy wagon, every other player, but me, has multiple CDs and recording…have to get to that sumeday…mayb…naaaaw!!

…..the guy sitting in front of me is trying about 4-5 bar stools and carrying them around..apparently he’s VERY picky about what he sits on…..

Reality Check – Are Live Gigs Worth It? from

“When In Doubt, Leave It Out!”
Understandably, most upcoming artists invest a fair amount of time and money on playing live gigs because they believe playing live automatically builds a music career, but this is wrong.

The reality is that most artists waste a lot of time and money by playing live too soon, or for the wrong reasons.

Keep these two things in mind:

(1) you have limited amount of time to spend on your music career

(2) you have a limited amount of money to invest (in gear, lessons, production, studios, etc.)

If you’re a serious artist, instead of spending your limited time and money on gigs, you will probably get faster results by working with professional songwriters and producers, developing a package that will turn listeners into fans, and building a great image.Read More »

Serious Snaps For: John Kuczaj – runs Silvie’s open mic in Chicagooo

Many snaps to John Kuczaj (how the heck due u say that, eggactili!?) for giving us hard(ly)-wurking sing-songers a FULL 30 mins at  Silvies.  Nice wurk John!!

Pretty Good Deal for SS’s 30 Minute Set at Sylvie’s

WHAT IS IT? – A music show featuring 5 performers/acts doing 30min sets.
WHAT IS IT NOT? – It’s not an Open Mic. All performers are booked into their time slots ahead of time.
WHEN IS IT? – Every Monday, the show starts at 8:00pm, ends at 11:00pm.Read More »