Reality Check: Does Good Creative Work Have to Be Private and Solo? Probably

John Lennon was dead wrong.  You don’t need love but endless hours of hard, lonely mainly solo work — to be productive.  Love is mainly a waste of precious production time.  I hate to see anything hurt my own or others’ productivity and not keeping good professional boundaries hurts the craft.

My experience with my day job work and music is that it demands extended periods of solo concentration and problem-solving.  It’s like keeping my skills up on the guitar, and songwriting; it is just many hours each day, by myself, working on dull, mainly repetitive tasks.  Usually 7 days a week.  There is good research that great productive work comes mainly from doing LOTS of work — for decades at a time.  Keep: writing-practicing-playing-producing is my motto.Read More »

A Song Can Do That – Connecting with the Band Family of the Year thru Their Bootiful Song “Hero” Part 1

It’s all about the song and one of the best love songs ever is “Hero” by the awsume new sooper-group Family of the Year.  Me and sum buddies saw them last night at Empty Bottle in Chicago.  They were brilliant as a band, musicians, songwriters and very nice normal people.  Imagine THAT!?  From the first downbeat, they grabbed the room by the throat and shook the house.  Amazing stuff.  BTW, most live music I see is crap to me.  These folks were the opposite.

Take Aways

  • A song can be magical and cross all boundaries that separate us — ALL boundaries.
  • SEE THIS BAND LIVE!!  ASAP, they are going to “blow-up” so see them first.  You can bring anyone to see them family, friends, kids, etc.
  • Support this band — anyway you can.  The music business is totally a mess now.  These guys are “starving” send them something — NOW!!  Get ahold of them and ask how YOU can help.  DUDE!  What is more worthwhile than supporting a great band of gifted young people today!?  duh!!

It All Starts with a Song
Here is the literal story of how I and my friends got to this amazing concert and to meet these very kool folks.  I took no pictures.  I am not a fan boy type and much more interested in talking about the mechanics of music, songwriting and the business — but I did “steal” a poster!!

My Journey with the Song – It’s Just Started
So I stumbled across Family of the Year a few months back.  Listened to their music and liked it but it was odd and quirky.  Not what I usually listen to.  But the combination of great lyrics, great harmonies, and musicality hooked me.

Especially their song “Hero” which was an immediately beautiful  love song.  So I started covering Hero and playing in the crappy, alky bars I usually play open mics in.Read More »

Crap Gear – One Exception – Vocal Mics

I recently spent $300 for a Shure 87c Beta, I think, mic.  Wow!!  It has been a life changing experience.

I am not much interested in expensive guitars or guitars or other gear much at all.  I record on an iPad an Alessis iO Dock and that’s all the production value I need.  My style and ears like lo-fi and minimal everything.

It is all about the song — not me or the gear. But, but,but….

An expensive vocal mic MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE!!  Because thru a great mic you can hear EVERYTHING!Read More »

awesum singer-songwriter nite in Chicago, cheep beer and dark songs about trubbled people – we have loved…..YIKES!!

BIG singer-songwriter success at Silvie’s last nite.  Much thanks to John Kuczaj our host who graciously gave up an Acoustic Explosion Monday nite for our little band of treble makers.

We had four players in the best room for acoustic music in the city.  Dave, the sound guy is the best in the city.  Great at vocal mix.

We had over 20 people mainly known by Rich Wats and his bro Simon.  Nic Barnum and buddy also played.  Pretty much every song was an original.
We cheerfully covered (mainly) territory between dark and very dark!

Apparently, the crowd fav of mine was Her Black, Black Heart.  A pretty tru sory about a woman…..well……

With the graciousness of John and Silvie, we should be doing this again and reaching out to woman/young players and suburbanites.  Yes, it iz safe!!!  Well some of the songz are dangerouez….YIKES!!

Videos will go up soon.  Anyone want to help with that?!

Note:  John K is having a album release party this Friday the 12th at Silvies.  BE THERE OR B SQUARED!!

“Let’s be honest – folks talking about their creative stuff is usually real dum. Who knows how anything gets done or what it means?”

itz also conceited and naive….listen to Jimmy Hendrick’s interviews……completely incomprehensible…but one of the most articulate and strong creative voices in history…go figure….

Discordant Music Mimics Animal Distress Cries — Kool!!

ScienceDaily (June 12, 2012) — Ever wonder why Jimi Hendrix’s rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner” moved so many people in 1969 or why the music in the shower scene of “Psycho” still sends chills down your spine?

A UCLA-based team of researchers has isolated some of the ways in which distorted and jarring music is so evocative, and they believe that the mechanisms are closely related to distress calls in animals.

“Music that shares aural characteristics with the vocalizations of distressed animals captures human attention and is uniquely arousing,”Read More »