write grammatically correct songs: “grammatical sentences are quicker to process, even if they are nonsensical, such as “green ideas sleep furiously”, than something ungrammatical such as “Picnic strike ideas quiet launched”.

junkie alky epiphany….good grief….trent reznor is now all ‘happy talk’……and ‘spiritually complete…’….gag me wid a spoon..

admits he’s a “brand”…addictions dehumanize everyone,  the addict 1st….trent is getting well paid so he’s celebrating being an object…The Disease wins – always…he’s lying….

you know his brilliant song “Hurt” only really worked when it was rearranged so the lyrics could be heard!….duh…

My Goal – Connecting With Strangers (Scary, huh?!) I Battle “Stranger Danger”…grrrr

One Goal – with my music – connect with strangers.  Immediately, (3-10 secs), and then for 3.5 mins.

Simple in concept, very hard to do.  Usually, I fail.  Once in awhile it works.  The “once in awhile” times, makes it all worth it.

I find the best way to do that is to dig really deep into my experience of things and then work, really, really hard to make a song and performance.  Far, far more work than “fun.”  Read More »

New Lyrics: “Comfortable With Crazy”, “Dodge and Deny” (oooh yea), “Nicotine and Grain Alcohol”

…..dark and self-medicating (always) rules…..always…..one of my fav words is meth-a-drine…from “Lucretia, My Reflection”  Sisters of Mercy, great song BTW.

Good Songwriting Tips: Easy to Perform, Sing and Learn, Flatters the Artist

By Cliff Goldmacher

Writing for yourself is where it starts, but keep the artist in mind throughout your process

When you’re starting out as a songwriter, a common scenario is that something in your life moves you to the point where you’re inspired to write about it, and thus, your song is born. This may still be the case – and on some level, I hope so – but if you’re hoping that someone other than you will record your song, here are some essential strategies to keep in mind.

1. Make your song memorable and easy to learn.
There are several ways to create a memorable song. First and foremost, is there something about it that sticks in the listener’s mind and sets it apart? That’s a great place to start. Almost as important, though, is whether the song is easy to learn.Read More »

things i guess i am learning….

anyone else experience this kind of stuff?

so after a few months off i am back playing out and it is different….

the response is pretty good and i like what i am doing but finding my style is getting very loud, bold and expressive…i pretty much attack every part of my music…i am currently in a constant battle with mic stands…i attack the mic and the damn stands keep getting in the bloody way…..grrrrrr

same with vocal, lyrics and guitar playing very loud, aggressive and strong…not to everyone’s taste, which is fine…that’s my artist vision…even with quiet and sweet songs….grrrrr….Read More »

Taylor Swift is a Big Fat Liar – Scientific Proof!

Taylor Swift game theory: Strategy in “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”

Lovelorn teens can relate. You’re in an on-and-off again relationship with someone who promises to change but never does. Finally, you’ve had it and you call it off, permanently.

You tell them, we won’t get together tomorrow, the next week, the next month, the next year, the next decade, or the next time ever. That’s it: We are never ever getting back together.

The threat may be commonly uttered, but it is far from a simple statement. In fact, I suggest this ultimatum is an illustration of several game theory concepts. And while the threat often uttered as a lie, it is an effective lie.Read More »