“…there are moments in our lives where we’re not present because we’re looking at a phone….experiencing life through a four-inch screen could be the new norm.”

i HATE ‘smart” phones, they are really dum…. this has killed live music where people INSTANTLY go to their phones if they are uncomfortable in anyway…bored, distracted, etc… why go listen to music if you are on your phone or drunk all the time?

My Goal – Connecting With Strangers (Scary, huh?!) I Battle “Stranger Danger”…grrrr

One Goal – with my music – connect with strangers.  Immediately, (3-10 secs), and then for 3.5 mins.

Simple in concept, very hard to do.  Usually, I fail.  Once in awhile it works.  The “once in awhile” times, makes it all worth it.

I find the best way to do that is to dig really deep into my experience of things and then work, really, really hard to make a song and performance.  Far, far more work than “fun.”  Read More »