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i think i am learning that accomplishment is all the same – for me…it requires endless hours of hard, not exciting, work alone….

my music has taught me this…writing the lyric, daily 2 hours of guitar practice, putting music to lyrics, editing, vocal practice, recording, editing, posting….the list is endless and it is pretty much me, myself and i doing all this…same with my day job…i suppose my brain is best at this…

even the performing is mainly alone…a little attention and connection during a good song performance (avg 15 mins) but then the next people come up…

most of the people where i play my music are drunk, on their phones and talk over the music…that’s the chicago music scene….

now, i love my music BECAUSE i get so much back form it …but it is exclusively intrinsic and internal rewards…and i kinda like that…


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i HATE ‘smart” phones, they are really dum…. this has killed live music where people INSTANTLY go to their phones if they are uncomfortable in anyway…bored, distracted, etc… why go listen to music if you are on your phone or drunk all the time?

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