Right now my brain wants to write and hear real-life songs…

The songs I am writing and performing now are as close to real-life stories I have heard or been told first hand.  My brain has gotten very weary of the fantasy, romantic idealized songs and stories that make up pop music now.  So my songs are fiercely anti-pop right now – that may change.  I don’t chose my writing style or listening preferences – they just happen.

Most of the songs are dark and disturbing about child abuse, partner abuse, drug addiction, families that are destroyed by mental illness, etc.  i don’t chose the stories, these are the ones i hear and come across.  Maybe I would write happy drunk/party and love songs if I heard or saw those stories – but I don’t.

Songs similar to the early folks songs, early Dylan, songs with a social conscience.  But i am older so not the typical pop music market.  But people my age have the most disposable income so…

The fake stories about romantic love or getting drunk and partying or vacations or other stuff are the exact opposite of life as I experience it and others tell me they do.  So the pop song stories seem deeply dishonest right now.  I was in a song writers group once, in Chicago, where there were a lot of songs about being a “cowboy!?”  That seemed pretty fake.

I don’t expect anyone to “like” my new songs.  I do expect them to be discomforted by them.  But I do hope they will feel them and remember them.  Writing and performing the songs is a bit of an effort.  They are hard stories.  But the storytelling part is gratifying.  i stay focused on the story telling and sorta forget about the musical part and performance.  That’s fun.

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